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Book Planning

We will follow the step-by-step book planning process I've laid out in The Soul-Driven Author's Book Planner, a workbook that you can either fill out on the screen or print out and fill in directly (spiral-bound version coming soon).

In Session One:

We will take a deep dive into who your readers are, how you will connect with them, what they will learn from you, and the transformation they will experience through reading your book. 

In Session Two:

You will take a look at the current publishing landscape and determine which path is best for you and your book--whether you pitch your book to a traditional publisher, collaborate with a hybrid publisher, explore DIY self-publishing, or hire an assisted publishing company to put your book together.

You will also explore different types of marketing strategies and decide how to make the most of the resources available to you.

In Session Three:

You will create a  structure and chapter-by-chapter outline. By the time you're done, you will know exactly what to put into your book and what to leave out, and you will have a plan for how to guide your readers through everything you have for them to experience. 

By the end of this three-session program, you will have a complete plan for your book project!

  • You will have clarity on who you are going to reach, how you are going to connect with your reader, what your message is, and how your reader will be transformed through reading your book.
  • You will know everything you need to know to decide which type of publishing route to pursue and how you will market your book.
  • You will have a structure and a detailed chapter-by-chapter outline so that you know exactly what to include in your book and where.

Let's start planning your book!

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